Monday, April 3, 2017

Area flooding damaging the Boise River banks!

Boise and Ada county officials are taking steps to prevent further damage from the flooding that has been on everyone's mind lately.

Monday the Ada County commissioners have requested the removal of the footbridge located in Garden City near the Northeast corner of the fairgrounds. Fears of the bridge tearing loose and being swept downstream in the Boise river.

The bridge will be moved to the fairgrounds until it can be replaced.  The river is to remain swift and high for at least the next 6 weeks according to KTVB.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Explore Northwest Boise

Living in Boise has a great many advantages to take to heart.  Deciding where you want to settle usually is readily apparent when you take any time to drive around and visualize everything and place that makes up Boise City. 

In this post we are going to speak to Northwest Boise.  Northwest Boise is located nestled against the foothills to the north and south to Garden City and State Street. To the west a general boundary is Hwy 55 (Horseshoe Bend Road) and east to Collister Street and the north end.  Depending your location there are two high schools to attend.  Capital High to the West and Boise High to the east. 

Some call Northwest Boise the bedroom area of the north end as there are some historic areas to live.  Driving the winding road known as hill road, you will encounter many bicyclists training and pleasure riding.  This are is very popular to the cycling community.  As you travel to the west and meet old horseshoe bend road you can take a tour through the Idaho State Veterans cemetery which is one of the most beautiful in the US. The Boise parks and rec have one of the largest sports complexes located at the intersection of hill road and Hwy 55.  This is also an off leash dog park.

Driving up Pierce Park road there is a 9 hole golf course named Pierce Park Greens. Biking and walking the Boise Foothills can be accessed from several points along the way.  Included in the mix would be the town of Hidden Springs which has a mix of close family living and walking neighborhoods.

Northwest Boise is a mix of active living and close shopping services.      

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Moving Boise Into 2015

Living in a city that has been going through massive expansion in the past 24 months makes you realize that you are no longer in the small town with small town services and infrastructure.  Boise is one of those mid urban towns that is made up of all aspects that cities much larger enjoy without the big city problems.

Boise’s downtown area has undergone Development that is headed in the right direction.  As we wait for that “big Potato drop” this New Year’s eve, we are reminded that our downtown core is just beginning to take shape.  

Relocating business downtown seems to be the goal of most corporate businesses such as banks and hometown favorites such as the new “JUMP” building or Jacks Urban Meeting Place.  This is being built by the Simplot Company which will also have corporate offices located nearby.  There is now a mix of Business corporate and residential spaces. Being an urban resident in the midst of the heart of Boise business is shown with the many new Condo units located in the blend.

New expansion of the convention center “Boise Centre on the Grove” or now known as the “Grove” will increase from its 50,000 square feet to double the size of 100,000. This would allow Boise to promote larger events and bring in more of the groups from outside of the state.

Next up for Boise downtown is a multimodal transit station or “Main Street Station” which will very much make travel into and out of the downtown core much easier.  This will be a three story building area that will house all forms of transportation with services and a new Boise Police substation.

The year will be busy and will probably incorporate more of the professionals needing to relocate and move families to fill the new beginnings of the city center companies and metropolitan lifestyle.  

Monday, December 22, 2014

The Boise Saga Begins

One aspect of living in a beautiful city and state for many years is the knowledge of the territory and history of why our town is the way it is now. In the following blog posts I will show the various areas of Boise and surrounding towns and locations.

Making an informational guide of geographical neighborhoods and the many different places and objects that together make up our places where we play, work and live.  Boise and the surrounding treasure valley consistently shows up in national polls such as top ten lists of Best places to Move, Live, Retire and most safe!

Working our way through the many things that make up great places we will talk about the number of schools, places to shop, recreation options and homes and where to purchase your casa.  So sit back and read about the reasons that masses of people move to Idaho and relocate in Boise and the surrounding areas.  Feel free to pick up and move here too!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

New Year’s Resolution: #1. Buy a House!

Even the best with the best intentions sometimes things don’t go the way that we would like them to.  We are very rapidly coming down to the end of the year 2014; did we accomplish everything that was on our New Year’s resolution list?

If you are like everyone else the answer is probably no!  The end of year comes with relative quickness and sneaks up on us.  If you had a new home on your list are you too late?  First let’s figure out what advantage there would be to buy a house in the final days of the year. 

  • 1.     There would be tax advantages if you are working with a mortgage that if you qualify for the mortgage insurance that congress just extended.
  • 2.     You are very likely to get a home without the bidding wars that erupt when you have multiple buyers.
  • 3.     Sellers may be in the mood to help with buyer needs.
  • 4.     You get the full attention of everyone involved from the Realtor to the Title Companies.
  • 5.     It will be a speedy transaction without the hectic times of busy selling times.

Above all, you will get to fulfill your first New Year’s resolution of purchasing a new home.  Whichever is your reasoning it is never too late to go out and find that perfect property you are dreaming of?